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Acne vulgaris, generally known as acne is a skin disease that strikes any individual no matter age, gender, and race. It usually happens during the adolescent years where hormonal adjustments happen but at times, it could still develop during middle age. Various other terms connected to acne are blackhead, whitehead and pimples. A person develops acne when the skin pores become clogged or blocked which leads to it to inflame. A common reason why a person develops acne is due to genetic makeup or heredity. Other factors are exposure to sun, stress, changes in the weather or season, climate change, and heavy use of cosmetic products or make-up.

However if you are one of those people with acne, then you must know that there are several acne cures these days which can range from expensive to cost effective, safe and with risks, and synthetic to natural. Needless to claim, the most recommended treatments are those which are natural since they are generally safe, efficient and affordable. Below are several homemade treatments you can use to obtain rid of your acne problem.

First is the utilize of juices or gels just like aloe vera juice or gel. This efficient acne homemade remedy functions in neutralizing the skin and starting then the process of healing. When employing aloe vera, you may notice which your skin begins to dry but it can be treated with the use of lotion or moisturizer.

Next is the employ of lemon juice that functions because of the acid it contains. The acid operates by cleansing the pores of your skin and ultimately, leading to skin regeneration. It’s efficient in eliminating oil from the skin, killing acne-causing bacteria, and normalizing the pH of your skin.

Third home remedy is the use of cucumber. In employing this acne treatment, you just must peel the cucumber and utilize the juice into the impacted areas of your skin. After applying it, detoxify the skin completely followed by putting on eggs white on the impacted areas and the surrounding areas too. You employ this utilizing a cotton ball or cotton swab. Leave it for a few minutes first and thereafter, rinsing it. A cucumber functions just like an astringent that is why it is truly efficient in treating acne problems.

Last example of an efficient home cure is oatmeal. Oatmeal functions not only in dealing with acne but all other skin irritations or inflammations to. In utilizing this treatment, you merely should use lukewarm or slightly cool cooked oatmeal in your face focusing on areas afflicted with acne. Leave it there for twelve minutes before rinsing it thoroughly. Like cucumber, it works as an efficient astringent which removes dirt and oil from the skin keeping the skin clear and free from any acne.

These are only various of the most effective homemade remedies for acne. They are generally effective, safe and cost-effective and could be done simply in your own home. If your acne continues to persist after employing such treatment, look for the health advice of your skin doctor for proper cure.

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